Supporting you throughout this transition is our priority. We look forward to welcoming all customers transitioning from HSBC to Absa Mauritius in the coming weeks. With all mandatory regulatory approvals secured, our teams are fully mobilised to prepare for and ensure a smooth migration process. We encourage you to consult the dedicated pages on our website, where you will find the information needed to ease your banking journey with Absa Mauritius. We shall continue to update the site as we progress. 


Banking with Absa Mauritius
  • Accounts and loans: Your HSBC accounts, including loans, overdrafts, and credit cards, will be seamlessly migrated to Absa Mauritius.
  • Debit card: You will be provided a debit card, which you can use at ATMs, point-of-sale machines, and online.
  • Credit card: If you have a credit card, you will receive an Absa Visa Credit Card.
  • Digital banking: Enjoy the convenience of banking online with Absa Mauritius Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. Make sure to register your mobile phone number with us to get started.
Important information you need to know

Download the generic guidelines and important notes relating to your bank accounts and banking services in the lead up to and post the cutover (“cutover” refers to the first business day post the migration of your bank accounts from HSBC to Absa Mauritius).

Have questions?

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