Absa Mauritius SWIFT code: BARCMUMUXXX


For seamless inward and outward international transfers, ensure adherence to the following guidelines:

  • Inward SWIFT transfers

    •  Advise the sender to quote your full IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and our swift code 'BARCMUMUXXX'.
    • Clearly define the purpose of payment.
    • Make sure that your IBAN is 30 characters long, without any blank space/dashes/slashes between characters.

    Note:  In case we do not receive the proceeds of the above transfer, this credit will be reversed and subject to any applicable currency exchange fees, losses, or charges.

  • Outward payments

    Ensure that the following information is specified on your outward payment instruction:
    • Beneficiary‚Äôs details:
      • Name and full address
      • Account number or IBAN where applicable. Full IBAN is mandatory for UAE & EUROZONE
      • Bank name and full address
      • Bank SWIFT code and clearing code
        Clearing code is mandatory for the following  countries: 
      • USA (ABA number)
      • United Kingdom (Sort code)
      • South Africa (Bank code)
      • Canada (clearing code)
      • Australia (BSB code)
      • India (IFSC code)
    • Purpose of payment (POP)

    • Mode of charges:
      • OUR: (Customer pays both Absa and overseas bank charges)
      • SHA: (Customer pays Absa charges and beneficiary pays overseas bank charges)
      • BEN: (Beneficiary pays Absa and overseas bank charges)

    • Regulatory reporting 
      • POP code for UAE
      • POP code for CNY payment
  • Corresponding bank details

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