Bank with Abby, your Personal Digital Banker, designed to help you with your banking transactions and queries at a branch near you. Abby is powered by artificial intelligence, allowing you swift self-service.


Making banking experience more human with Abby
Artificial intelligence

Abby understands you and can answer banking queries or help with transaction requests.

Face recognition

Recognising your face unlocks Abby's functions, which makes for a secure banking experience.

Voice activated

Enjoy a hassle-free experience as Abby responds spontaneously to your voice.

Self-service facility

Because Abby enables self-service, there is simply no need to queue at branches.

Autonomous navigation

The smart Abby can physically accompany you to the branch staff member that you need to see.

What can Abby do for me?

Abby can help you with your banking transactions and queries. It allows registered customers to perform banking services on their own, including :

  • Transfer funds – both domestic and international
  • Set standing instructions
  • Pay bills – one time or set up a direct debit
  • Buy mobile top-up
  • Pay credit card bill
  • Order cheque book
  • Check bank balance
  • Get account statements
  • Update mobile number/email address
  • Obtain forex rates
  • Get product information and apply for products
  • Answer frequently asked questions

How do I start using Abby?

Getting started is super simple. To register for the Abby Kiosk, enter the following:   

  1. National ID or passport number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Last 4 digits of account number or Absa credit card
  4. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number
  5. Create your Face ID – take a picture
  6. Set and confirm your 5-digit Abby passcode
Experience a unique digital innovation that gets things done
  • How does Abby work?

    If you want to ask account information or transact with Abby, you will have to go through a registration process where you need to input your national ID or passport number, your date of birth and last 4 digits of your account or credit card number.

    Once the details are validated, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. After successful authentication of the OTP, you will need to register your face ID and set a 5-digit passcode.

    Non-account related information is available without any registration process and for banking related services that require the support of our branch staff, Abby will provide you with a branch counter ticket.

  • Can I use last 4 digits of my Absa debit card number instead of a credit card or account number to register?

    At present, Abby only accepts the last 4 digits of your Absa bank account number or Absa credit card number.

  • I don’t remember the last 4 digits of my account or credit card number

    You can simply check your SMS alerts from Absa to find out the last 4 digits of your account or credit card number. Alternatively, you can log into the Absa Mauritius mobile app or internet banking, or refer to your chequebook to see the last 4 digits of your account number.

  • Is face ID secure and is it mandatory?

    Face ID is secure, as it is encrypted and stored within our secure data centres. While it is not mandatory to register for face ID, we recommend face ID registration as it significantly eases the login process and enhances the account security. Should you choose to skip this, you would, on every subsequent login, need to enter your national ID or passport number, Abby passcode and OTP.

  • What if my face ID doesn't work?

    If face ID is not detected by the kiosk it could be because you are maybe wearing sunglasses, a cap, because of low lighting conditions or perhaps because there are  multiple faces in front  of Abby. If this happend you can retry face login OR log in using national ID or  passport number, Abby passcode and OTP.

  • I want to change my picture taken during the registration

    Abby does not store any of your images in our systems neither does it display your image on any of our systems. It just creates and stores a face ID (simply put, the mathematical equation of your face) using state-of-the-art technologies in our secure data centres, which would allow you easy and faster access, the next time you login.

  • What if I forget my Abby passcode?

    You can generate a new passcode by clicking on the ‘forgot passcode’ link. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and on successful confirmation of the OTP, you will be asked to reset the passcode and confirm new passcode.

  • Can I use the Abby facilities if I do not have my mobile number updated?

    For the first time, to update your mobile number, you would need visit to our branch staff. Once your mobile number is updated in our records, you can register on the Abby and change your mobile number.

  • Can I perform transactions using Abby?

    Absolutely. You will be able to perform all types of fund transfers (domestic and international), make bill payments, place a standing instruction, enrol for direct debit, order a chequebook, change mobile number or email address and more.

  • Are the transactions processed through Abby secure?

    Yes, we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure your data is completely safe and communications are encrypted.

  • What if I forget to log out of Abby and the next customer starts using Abby?

    After completion of every transaction, Abby will prompt you to ‘Continue’ or ‘Log out’. In case you forget to log out, within 2 minutes, your session will be automatically invalidated. Further, every transaction is processed only after you enter your passcode and as enhanced security measure, Abby re-verifies your face before placing a transaction request, thereby making the process completely secure.

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