An alternative to saving with an added option of investing for the future. 

  • The investment plan includes protection in case of death or total permanent disability. The beneficiary/ beneficiaries will receive the value of the accumumulated fund as a lump sum payout.
  • There is  no age limit to enter the plan.


 To help you save steadily to meet your child’s education needs, opt for an education plan. In the event of death, the insurer will contribute to the financial security of your child by paying them a regular income up to 18 years old. Our education plan covers the lives of either or both parents. 


Our retirement plan provide secure financial stability during your retirement.  With this product, you have the option to increase your premium to get more return on your investments at retirement age. Start planning ahead so that you may enjoy life the way you want when you decide to retire. 


Protect your loved ones with insurance that secures any outstanding loan balance in case of permanent total disability or death during the term of your loan.

All of the above products are underwritten by our insurance partners and are subject to their terms and conditions.
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  • What to bring to a branch

    • Proof of identity
      • National identity document
      • Passport
      • Driving licence
    • Proof of residence
      • Utility bill not older than 3 months
      • Birth certificate or marriage certificate if relationship needs to be established
    All documents are required in their original form. The above list of required documents is indicative only. The bank may request additional documents or information to process your application.

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