How does it work? 

To support your short-term financing needs, we offer you a range of working capital facilities: An overdraft facility which offers you the convenience of managing day-to-day expenses with ease, trade loans that help you bridge the gap caused by the difference between payables and receivables, and a short-term money market loan giving you access to funding without the administation burden.

  • Overdraft and short-term loans

    • Manage day-to-day expenses with ease and convenience
    • Available to you immediately
    • Available in local and in major foreign currencies
    • A short-term money market loan offers you the convenience of funding without the administration burden.
  • Trade loans

    Trade loans allow you to:

    • Bridge the working capital gap created by the difference between payables and receivables
    • Get financing solutions to import or export goods and services. 
    • Benefit from financing that's tailored to manage funding gaps in your 'Working Capital Cycle' and enhance your cash flow
    • Easy and convenient pre-shipment and post-shipment financing
    • Get financing in local and major currencies
  • Documentary trade

    Documentary trade provides you with:

    • Solutions that take the risk out of trading internationally
    •  A comprehensive selection of documentary trade products such as documentary credits, documentary collections, bank guarantees and indemnities for both importers and exporters
    • Expert advice and access to a global network to expand your business internationally
    • Documentary trade instruments in multiple foreign currencies
    • Avalisation requested by exporters whereby the bank guarantee payment of a bill of exchange drawn on an importer under a trade contract.


Choose the right structure for the right trade

Supplier Finance helps you manage the cost of finance by:
  • Extending payment terms to help you manage working capital gaps caused by the difference between payables and receivables
  • Mitigating the impact of extending supplier payment terms by offering your suppliers access to convenient and cost effective financing
  • Supporting and developing your supply chain which is crucial to your business. We provide tangible support to develop your suppliers
Structured Trade and Commodity Finance allows you to benefit from:
  • Solutions tailored to your business needs
  •  A range of structures to manage the financing of inventory and trade receivables
  • Financing structures which can be offered on a full-recourse, limited-recourse or non-recourse basis (subject to certain conditions)
  • Financing in local and major foreign currencies
  • Selective invoice finance which enables you to choose which invoices you would like to fund,  and when you like would like to fund them


Improve your cash flow

Discounting a trade instrument such as an export letter of credit and bill of exchange is convenient and offers a cost effective method of financing for your business. We offer options to discount bills drawn in Mauritian Rupees and major foreign currencies.

Enjoy added security

Enjoy the added comfort of “Money in the Bank” through our non-recourse discounting on avalised bills and confirmed letters of credit.

Obtain an advance against your receivables

Supporting the growth of your business is important to us. Key to this growth is giving you the ability to obtain an advance against your trade debtors, thereby allowing your business to meet its commitments and sustain its growth.

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