• Local custody

    How does it work
    • Safekeeping of listed securities
    • Settlement of trades
    • Corporate actions management
    • Income collection
    • AGM and proxy voting solutions
    • Client reporting
  • Global custody

    How does it work
    • Safekeeping of listed securities and global funds
    • Cross-border settlement of trades
    • Income collection
    • Cash services (FX and repatriation)
    • AGM and proxy voting solutions
    • Market information
    • Client reporting
  • Client support

    How does it work 
    • Each segment has unique requirements but the core basis for custody, i.e., safe keeping, settlements of trades and corporate events remain standard
    • We treat each client as our partner and strive to provide exception Customer Service by not only meeting their requirements but taking those requirements to the next level
  • Our customer segments

    Our Custody Services are available to domestic, global business and foreign entities

    Individual clients

    • Wealth International clients
    • Resident individual clients

    Institutional clients

    • Domestic entities (CIS, Asset Managers, Insurance, Pension Funds)
    • Global business entities (CIS and Non-CIS)
    • Foreign NBFIs
    • Domestic and Foreign FIs


    Absa Mauritius serves customers through an extensive branch and self-service terminal network, digital challenges,

    financial advisors, relationship bankers as well as dealerships, originators, alliances and joint ventures.

  • Team contact details

    Mr. Yanish Ramdenee

    Head of Custody Operations & Projects
    Corporate and International Banking
    E: yanishmayvin.ramdenee@absa.africa
    T: +230 404 1322
    M: +230 5253 2924

    Mr. Krishna Sithanen

    Head of Cash Management & Custody Sales
    Corporate and International Banking
    E: Krishna.sithanen@absa.africa
    T: +230 404 1315
    M: +230 5500 6492

    Custody Client Service Desk

    Corporate and International Banking
    GE: abmucibcustody@groups.absa.africa

Custody services FAQs

Our Corporate and International Banking corporate clients will benefit from our holistic suite of products and leading-edge custody related solutions for safekeeping and management of your listed securities portfolio.


  • What is a Custodian Bank?

    A Custodian Bank is usually a licensed financial institution or a bank responsible for safeguarding clients’ portfolio of listed securities in electronic format. A Custodian may also hold client assets in certificated format also. 

  • What is local custody?

    The provision of custody services by a custodian bank in its own market.

  • What is global custody?

    The provision of custody services in multiple markets. This will be delivered by a Global Custodian Bank through their network of agent banks or sub custodians in the different market that they offer.

  • What services does a Custodian Bank offer?

    Safekeeping of listed securities such as equities, bonds, derivatives etc. Settlement of trades concerning client purchases and sales of securities on the market. Corporate actions information on for example cash dividends, stock splits, mergers, takeovers, bonus issues, rights issues, bond calls etc and an array of other events to clients. Collection of income such as interest income (coupons), cash dividends or any other events similar in nature on behalf of clients.

    • Tax reclaims as applicable to client’s foreign income
    • Provision of market information on exchange, securities, issuers, central depositories, clearing mechanisms etc
    • Maintain clients’ cash accounts and funds repatriation of sales proceeds
    • Provision of FX related to Custody transactions (Trade and Corporate Action)
    • Direct clearing in Mutual & Hedge Fund units via a state-of-the-art fund’s platform
    • Client Reporting
    • Market advocacy and lobbying
    • Local Custody
    • Global Custody


  • Who are the involved in the Capital Markets value chain?

    • Stock Exchange
    • Central Depository
    • Issuers
    • Registries
    • Brokers
    • Custodian
    • Clients


  • Who are our target clients?

    Local and global business entities such as:

    • Asset Managers
    • Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual and Hedge Funds)
    • Pension Funds
    • Insurance Funds
    • Government/Sovereign Funds
    • Broker dealers
    • Wealth and Premier Clients (HNWI)
  • How does the Custody Services Sales and Client Relationship Model work?

    Custody falls within the Transactional Banking suite of products and the sales model and client relationship works similarly across all offerings. There is a dedicated Custody client service team, which provide support to the Relationship Manager to manage the client for Custody related matters.

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