Absa Colours of Life Awards is a national competition launched by Absa Mauritius in 2013. It aims at recognising the selfless work and immense contribution of NGOs in Mauritius and Rodrigues and providing continuous support to vulnerable groups.

  • Colours of Life Awards 2019

    We launched the seventh edition of the Colours of Life Awards with a mentorship model whose aim was to enable the transmission of experience from our former participants to other NGOs.

    We selected some of the finalists and winners of our previous editions to partner with us for the Colours of Life Awards 2019. To equip and help them fully embrace their role of mentors, we facilitated a three-day training session, which was delivered by Marcia Small, consultant and expert from the Gathering 4.0.

    This unique mentorship model was multifaceted; it helped to impart knowledge and skills, foster collaboration between NGOs and support their professionalisation.

    On 15 November 2019, the 8 mentors and 7 finalists NGOs were awarded a total of Rs5 million for the advancement of their community projects.

    At Absa, we will continue to bring possibilities to life by supporting the community and country.

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