Pay quickly

Pay within seconds with your card. No PIN is required for your every day transactions within a defined limit

Pay securely

Your card never leaves your hand when you make a payment, which means less risk of fraud.

Stay safe

Because your card stays in your possession, you reduce your possible exposure to COVID-19, which can be spread through contaminated surfaces.

  • Getting started

    • Absa point-of-sale (POS) device – Once the card has been inserted into an Absa payment device and the PIN has been entered, you will  have to perform up to two more chip-and-PIN transactions to enable the card for contactless payments.
    • Absa ATM – To enable the card for contactless payments, use your card on an Absa ATM or POS terminal  to perform at least two chip-and-PIN transactions. After those transactions, you will be able to tap and make contactless payments.
  • How to use your card

    • Look out for the displayed contactless symbol in-store, on the POS machine or simply ask the cashier.
    • If your purchase is within the limit*, you won't need to enter your PIN.
    • As a security measure, you will occasionally be asked to enter your PIN.


    *You can perform up to a maximum of 4 consecutive contactless transactions daily,  each totaling up to Rs 2500. If tap limit has exceeded 4 times,you will be prompted to do a chip-and-PIN transaction to reactivate the contactless daily limit. This is the default setting on the card. Should you wish to reduce the maximum number  of daily transactions and limit, connect to the Absa Mobile App or Absa Internet Banking.

  • Some of the benefits

    • Shorter queues and quicker check-out at store
    • No need to withdraw or carry cash for low value purchases
    • Your card never leaves your hand, resulting in increased security during the payment process.
    • Cards cannot be read from a distance, only within close proximity to the card reader on the POS device.
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